Perils of porting

Friday night, I got together with some of my blogger friends for dinner at the Mongolian BBQ downtown. Don had just ported from Sprint to T-mobile and gotten the same phone as me, partly at least on my recommendation.

While we’re sitting there, I get a call from someone claiming that someone else had just called him from my number. It was a bad connection, so I didn’t hear everything he said, but it was very odd. Then it happens again. And again. Five times in about twenty minutes. Don is wondering if I’ve given him a bum steer.

About an hour later, I get another call. The caller ID shows as “unknown.” It turns out to be a Sprint operator, who asks for me (for a change). She explains that Sprint had just given out my old number (which was, and is, still my number) to a new subscriber, and that she was taking care of the problem.

Clearly, another bump on the road to seamless number portability.

1 thought on “Perils of porting”

  1. [SIGH]. Yet another example of why I’ve held off on taking advantage of number porting to switch from my incumbent Carrier A (which has inadequate nationwide coverage for my purposes) to some as-yet-unspecified Carrier B with a more thorough network.

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