Lowered standards

I’m accustomed to getting various paypal scam-spams that direct me to a paypal-like page in the hopes that I will naïvely give them my login info. I just got another. This one is noteworthy for the URL:
Come on, guys, if you’re going to run a scam, don’t call attention to it right in the URL! There used to be a time when grifters took pride in their work and put some craftsmanship into it. I’m very disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Lowered standards”

  1. In the scammer’s defense, you weren’t supposed to see that URL at all. If you’d been using the standard MSIE6/WinXP combination you would have seen the page as it was meant to be seen . . . quite a clever use of tech, really.

  2. Thanks for swinging by, Peter.

    After posting this, I did read something, somewhere, about a JS trick that obscured the scampage address, but this was a new wrinkle for me.

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