Japan Trip 2004

I’m posting my writeup of the Tokyo trip as a series of entries back-dated to the days they refer to. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but there’s so much here that Movable Type chokes if I try to post the whole thing as one monolithic entry. For best results, start at May 20 and work your way forward. I’ll eventually be posting some observations from the trip as well, as part of the regular flow.

I’m using Japanese text for place names and wherever else I feel like it: hover over the text to get the English. This trick may not work in Internet Explorer. Sorry (actually, I’m more sorry if you’re using IE than that this doesn’t work in it).

Photos are online: Log in as adamguest/adamguest if need be.

Reader’s Digest version: We had a great time. We walked an incredible amount–Gwen estimates about 10 miles a day–and our legs protested at the end of every day. Because of the somewhat constraining conditions where we were staying, I felt ready to be getting home when we left, but if we’d had a little more slack, I would have been happy to stay for a solid month. I want to visit again, soon.

3 thoughts on “Japan Trip 2004”

  1. Sounds like you had fun. I just scanned the entries quickly, but.

    The English pop-up thingy seems to work fine in Firebird (Mozilla; current version is called Firefox).

    About walking a lot in Tokyo: ain’t it the truth. Living in Tokyo, and to a lesser extent in other big cities such as Chicago, is actually healthier in many respects than living in the boonies, like we do, and going (almost) everywhere by car.

    Chieko and I are thinking of buying a second home in Japan, probably within an hour or 90 minutes of the Yamate-sen. We’re looking at the Okutama area. It may not happen…but if it does, we’d of course be happy if you and Gwen used it, we’d only be there a couple months of the year. (If you could stand being an hour or more from the action…perhaps not….)

  2. Some of us don’t have a choice as to whether we are using IE or not. :-(

  3. Are you on a machine where you are barred from installing any software? If not, install firefox. If so, tell your boss that everyone, including Microsoft’s own publication Slate, is telling you to use firefox instead of IE.

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