Who hates what?

It has almost gotten to be a joke: a progressive criticizes G.W or one of his policies, and a conservative fires back “Why do you hate America.” (It’s gotten to the point where it may be more likely to be another progressive asking the accusatory question, except in jest.)

This is a neat trick for changing the terms of the debate–rather than answering the criticism, you put the critic on the defensive by questioning his patriotism–but it is also evidence of a kind of dangerous L’état, c’est moi, or more accurately, L’état, c’est lui kind of thinking, which I thought went out of fashion with Louis XIV. Who knew the Republicans were such Francophiles?

1 thought on “Who hates what?”

  1. dragonfly jenny

    Well, you mean “went out of fashion *in the U.S.* (or in other putatively democratic nations)”.

    Remember a prime modern-day example of how the phenomenon is still alive and kicking, North Korea.

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