Richard Morrison for District 22

Tom Delay is perhaps the most corrosive figure in American politics today, and regardless of where you live, his presence in Congress affects you. Richard Morrison is running against him. He needs all the help he can get. I just pitched in $20.

4 thoughts on “Richard Morrison for District 22”

  1. dragonfly jenny

    Well, I wasn’t bowled over by his commercial (which can be viewed on the website). but I would vote for my cat, or one of the flying cockroaches in the RV park restroom, if it were running against Tom DeLay.

  2. I do not know much about Mr. Morrison, but the fact that he is a democrat is scary enough.

    Do you democrats have any idea about the dishonest sleezebag (check his 1972 testamony to congress) about the fictitious “atrocities” suposedly perpetrated by the American military in Vietnam?

    There was a time when it was worthwhile to pick a democrat for one office, and perhaps a republican for another–you know,”the best candidate,” regardless of party affiliation. No more! The few democrats worth a damn have become republicans.

    Democrats are now giving our country away as fast as they can. My grandchildren in 2050, if any, will never know the country “as it used to be” except thruogh reading about it (if they can read and the books havn’t been burned).

    I am sore afraid for my country.

  3. …”the fact that he is a democrat is scary enough.” Well, that’s a reasoned argument.

    “Democrats are now giving our country away as fast as they can.” Uh huh. You mean those Democrats running the House, the Senate, and the White House?

    If you want to be bigoted against non-Republicans–and you obviously do–I’m not going to bother trying to change your mind. But at least come up with arguments that pass the laugh test if you’re going to make them in public. Not that I consider myself a Democrat, but here’s the thing: Clinton actually turned a massive government deficit into a surplus. GW has increased discretionary, non-military spending (not to mention military spending) faster than any president since Johnson, and created a massive deficit. Characters like Tom Delay have exacerbated this problem (if they didn’t in fact create it) by shamelessly giving away massive tax breaks to corporate donors.

    Who’s giving away the country again?

    “I am sore afraid for my country.”

    Comments like yours make me feel exactly the same way, but not for exactly the same reasons.

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