Technological slumming

Everyone knows that Lego-based movies are a medium for low-budget cinematic self-expression, covering every genre from politics to gay porn (of course, these days, the two aren’t that different). One particularly popular genre is Star Wars fanfilms.

And while there is certainly a big overlap between Star Wars fans and videogame players, and there have been many successful Star Wars-themed games to date, one thing that action games are definitely not known for is their humble production values. So what are we to make of Lego Star Wars, The Video Game? Here’s a game from a major developer that takes all that texture-mapping inverse-kinematic razzmatazz and puts it to work rendering…low-budget lego animation.

1 thought on “Technological slumming”

  1. only tangentially related to the subject of this post but still worthy of note … supposedly there is a guy in the burner community who likes to pretend he is a giant Lego block. Supposedly this role-play extends beyond just burn events, to many facets of his life. (Not sure what he does for a living but it is amusing to picture someone with a 9-to-5 suit job carrying this off.)

    Maybe you know of this Lego guy?

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