Art Outside

Went to Art Outside at the Enchanted Forest last night. Fun. There was a lot of bizarre art there, of highly variable quality. High points: the giant welded mechanical musical instrument, the wind-powered spinning sculptures, the bone sculptures, the doll mashups (way, way back at the end of a trail). Low points: poetry readings and undirected jam-band ramblings. Some of the art was pretty sketchy. All in all, worth seeing though.

Go at night and bring a flashlight, as the installed lighting is inadequate.

3 thoughts on “Art Outside”

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Adam. The doll mash-ups were my installation. Glad to know someone out there enjoyed it! I was calling it “In the Goddess Factory,” but decided that it was better to just let people insert their own ideas about what was going on in the little tableau. I had total ass inadequate lighting in my little part, but next time I promise to work it out a little better beforehand.

    Again thanks for the high-point mention!


  2. Tyler–Seriously? I thought everything about it was “hippy.” The venue, the performance art, and the presentational art.

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