And my pretty countryside had been paved down the middle

Construction machinery for SH130

Rode out FM 969 to Webberville today. Saw this and moaned “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

Any road construction around Austin is going to be controversial, and SH130 is no exception.

Originally sold as a bypass for I-35 to allow long-haul truckers to speed past the congested parts around Austin, even TxDOT claimed it would yield only a 4% reduction in traffic on I-35.

The notion that this is really intended as a bypass–if it was ever taken seriously–is clearly off the table, as it is clear that there will be an interchange here, about halfway to Webberville. There’ll be another one on the other side of Manor as well.

There are a lot of smaller and organic farms out along this way, but suburban-style development has already encroached. This is going to speed that process along and help kill another one of the things I like about living in Austin: being able to ride my bike out into the countryside.

3 thoughts on “And my pretty countryside had been paved down the middle”

  1. Just another in a long line of formerly good road rides, including but not limited to 2222/Lime Creek Rd. and Old San Antonio Rd.

    BTW, Webberville Road is also a fanstastic alternative to 71 East to Bastrop. Reckon it won’t be long before there is mile after mile of new homes and stop lights.

  2. Marcus Williams

    Six billion people are waiting to enter the United States. Only about 1 million are able to enter each year.

    We gotta put them somewhere. They must have roads and septic tanks.

    Only anti-immigration fascists would want to stop them.

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