One year

Front door view

Gwen and I moved to our new place one year ago today. Any home purchase is momentous, and perhaps worthy of commemorating. We put a lot of thought and energy into the renovation—which wound up being a design for our lives in many ways, so this feels especially so. Even though the customary observation of romance is tomorrow, today feels like a more significant date to mark.

Compare this view with moving day. While the boxes are all gone, almost all our furniture is in the same place in both shots. For most of our furniture, there’s only one place it’ll fit. We had it mapped out ahead of time, and that’s where we put it when we moved in.

2 thoughts on “One year”

  1. Your home is beautiful! I really enjoyed following the renovation and I love the way the place feels when I come by. You all did a wonderful job designing the space. You introduced me to mango madness – I’ve seen it several other places since – in dishes, fabric and paint. Is that a gnome sitting in the wingback?

  2. Gary is not big on interior design, but even he remarked on how utterly cool your place was. Don’t know whether that’s high praise because he’s normally not impressed by such things, or whether it’s low praise because he’s essentially clueless about such things. Anyhoo, I concur: utterly cool. As are Gwen’s onesies. Would gladly buy some if she ever sells them.

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