Goodbye, Ararat

I just learned that Ararat up on North Loop closed a few days ago. Sad news. I discovered it in ’95, and it had been one of my favorite places ever since. Gwen and I had our rehearsal dinner there.

It took a long time for the place to catch on, but once it did, they never seemed to lack for business. Still, I was aware that they were having a hard time making ends meet, and had held a few fundraisers over the years. Clearly that wasn’t enough. I wonder what exactly did them in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they couldn’t fit enough tables in to make a go of it, or if their rent was recently raised, seeing as how North Loop has become much trendier of late. If that’s so, it’s another case of killing the goose that lays the golden egg. North Loop is trendy in part because of Ararat.

Update: I don’t normally look at—much less link to—myspace, but here’s Kelly’s side of the story. Kelly was the “face” of Ararat to me.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Ararat”

  1. I miss Ararat, too! Thought it was an awesome place, and I was heartbroken to see it go. It was one of those places that was just perfect for every occasion… dates, family in town, or just dinner with your friends.

  2. I’ve heard it mentioned several times recently that their service had become appallingly bad. (I’ve never been there though).

  3. wow, i couldn’t disagree more. i thought their food was bland, and as mike pointed out their service was awful. personally, i hope something better goes in now that the ararat folks have finally cleared out..

  4. Two ladies “owned” Ararat. One was in charge of the business; one was in charge of the lease (building, property, etc.). The staff at Ararat told me Saturday that the two had come to irreconcilable differences as to the “cut” of business profits, which led to the owner of the lease kicking the owner of the business out. The business owner has plans to re-open (location unknown).

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