My brilliance cannot be contained, episode 2,336

Gwen and I saw something about lap-band surgery on TV recently, and I was struck by an idea. Instead of gastric-bypass, lap-band, stomach-stapling, and other forms of bariatric surgery, which are both risky and prone to complications, doctors should introduce therapeutic tapeworms.

I dedicate this idea to the public domain, in the hopes that someone will take it and run with it. I can’t believe nobody’s thought of this before.

2 thoughts on “My brilliance cannot be contained, episode 2,336”

  1. Yes Adam – you are brilliant, but my girl Sierra has already come up with this very effective method of keeping the weight off. She has her favorite worm that she has been using off and on for years now. Next to her special blend of oil that she uses on her dreads, I think the worm is one of her fav beauty products. Now if you have a catchy way to package, market and distribute these crawlers, we may have some business to discuss!

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