Day 1: San Diego to Lakeside

Started: Sep 18, 2010 16:00:12
Ride Time: 1:47:58
Stopped Time: 59:05
Distance: 20.52 miles
Average: 11.40 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 48.39 miles/h
Climb: 1771 feet
Calories: 1151

The data above is from my GPS app, and in this case is inaccurate because I didn’t have running the whole time I was riding. My distance according to the route map is about 28 miles—not much, but OK considering my late start and general confusion. I made a few wrong turns that added a few miles to my ride. Today’s route was entirely in towns and suburbs, and had a fair number of turns—some of which I missed, and some of which aren’t called out explicitly in the cues. As good as the ACA maps are, they gloss over some spots where the map-maker is pretty much trusting you to do the logical thing.

I’m writing this from a Best Western. I had to go a few miles in the wrong direction (intentionally, this time) to get here. I’m sure it’s not the last time that’ll happen on this trip. I could have pushed on a slightly greater distance along my route to reach a campground, but what can I say? I’m soft.

2 thoughts on “Day 1: San Diego to Lakeside”

  1. You think you’re soft? I think NOT!

    What a fortuitous landing you’ve made in El Cajon overnight! El Cajon happens to be the home of the marvelous Unarius Academy where friendly Unarians gather to hone their skills in communicating with the Space Brothers. It is, in a sense, like landing your trike in Munchkinland for the start of your journey. So when you place the toe of your ruby red foot on the very beginning of the curlicue path that will take you far, far away from your own backyward, the Unarians will no doubt be showering goodwill on you from their iridescent bubble on Magnolia Avenue.

    Good riding, my friend. Thank you for your courage.

    Love, Shiree

  2. Adam, this is great – I am so enjoying your posts so far, and all the geeky graphs and e-pushpins on maps and such. Onward!!! Love and Hugs, Jenny

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