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  1. Hi Adam,

    Just read your blog, loved it. You are a funny guy. I laughed out loud many times.

    My husband and I are planning on doing this trip this coming November 2013 with another couple. We will be taking an RV this time. Bruce, my husband, will ride the whole way the rest of us will trade off on the RV driving.

    When our boys were 13 and 15 years old, about ten years ago, we biked across the northern part of the states starting from Vermont. Sometimes following AC maps and sometimes bush whacking it. It was an amazing journey. We were much slower then you. It took us three months. I am going to say I was the one to set the pace. My husband would have gone allot faster.
    Any thoughts about biking in the other direction? Leaving the mountains for the end of the trip when you would be the strongest….
    Thank you for sharing your trip. I have it saved so that I can refer back to it as we go along.
    Any new adventures planned for you?


  2. Any thoughts about biking in the other direction?

    I thought about it and decided against.

    There are only a couple of times a year when the weather is really agreeable for riding the Southern Tier, and at the time I did it, the prevailing winds were at my back. That was my main consideration. Riding into a headwind every day, with the wind rushing in my ears, would have gotten old really fast.

    I also question whether I would have been stronger when I finished. I lost maybe 20 pounds doing the tour, and I was in good riding shape and not overweight when I started.

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