Scammers get smart?

I just received the following e-mail

This mail, I know may embarrash you. By embarrashment, I mean coming from somebody you never know or met before, even coming from a country – (Nigeria) noted for dishonest and Fraudalent practises.

Well, this is not one of those Scam letters from Nigeria, but from a group of who are in distress and require your assistence. I am Mr. Ahmed Idris the credit controller of ZENITH BANK PLC, LAGOS – NIGERIA I am contacting you basen on your specialisation – PROPERTIES ALLOCATION…

What was this guy thinking? “Oh, if I say I’m different from all the other scammers, then I’ll have credibility!” The mind reels.

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Blogger code

From time to time I’ll see a cryptic string of numbers and letters in the signature line of someone’s e-mail. This, I have learned, is a “geek code,” denoting in highly compressed fashion the degrees and dimensions of one’s geekiness. Well, I just ran across the equivalent for bloggers. Apparently I’m a B4 d+ t+ k s- u- f i o+ x e+ l c

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hentai game

Something Awful reviews a “hentai game” from Japan called X-Change.

I’m really not sure who this game’s target audience is, although if it’s the average Japanese teenage male I need to start being a lot more afraid of Japan than I have been lately.

And I’ve got to say, there are some things I’ve never understood about Japan–this is a perfect example.

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Mixed messages

Bumper stickers spotted side-by-side on the same car:

My child is an honor student at Bowie High and Follow me to the Yellow Rose (a well known strip club).

File this one under “Things I don’t understand” (that file-folder is very thick, yes). I don’t have anything against strip clubs or high schools, but the juxtaposition is pretty weird.

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Follow-up on censorship

Follow-up time:

Turns out the blogger I mentioned in this conundrum never asked for the offensive website to be removed, he just mentioned it to the index’s, uh, curator.

The amazing Jenster (who doesn’t have a web page, otherwise I’d point a link at her), who tipped me off to the dating-hell story believes the story to be a fake. She points out in particular A) the time-zone problem in international chat sessions; B) the extreme improbability that the guy would be able to meet her in the baggage-claim area after they had both taken international flights from two different points; C) the improbability that someone who hopes to have any credibility as a tech writer would have ever fallen into a situation like this in the first place. I think she’s on to something, which raises the question (if you’re a linguistic pedant like me, it does not beg the question): why invent such a story?

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Blogging & hate speech

The kind of conundrum only a blogger could face: Blogdex recently removed a hate-speech website from its index. A discussion ensued, in the course of which the person who originally complained about the website in question accidentally outed himself. Now, here’s the thing: I really want to dislike this guy for being such a cringing pansy that he promotes censorship to protect his delicate sensibilities, but the thing is, he’s got a good blog.

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