Physical Inconstants

The Economist: “Can physical constants change over time? Some scientists think so. Others are struggling to explain how”

Just when you thought you were completely confused, something like this comes along and shows that it’s still possible to be even more confused.

Recursive auto-debunking

The news today had a story on how Americans are getting ruder. The report said that some people blame the influence of television shows like South Park. They then cut to a clip of South Park, with Eric Cartman complaining (with transparent insincerity) “I can’t help it, that movie warped my fragile little mind!”

This is too perfect. Using the clip from the show to undermine the case against the show.

The caption machine

Perhaps some of you have seen the “please think of the kittens” gag image circulating. I started wondering where that might have come from originally. One google search later, I found The Caption Machine, which has it and some other kneeslappers.

Disturbing Auctions

Disturbing Auctions. I laughed till my sides ached. Check out the Dean Martin Hand Puppet (under the category of “Emotionally Scarring Toys”).

E-bay is good for much more than I ever imagined.

People are…

Someone recently said to me “Complete this sentence: People are ___.” Had I just seen this when she asked, I would have used the word “morons.” People willing to bid $100,000 for a scooter. Ok, it’s a Segway, but come on. You can buy a scooter for $50.

Dating in NYC

Apparenty, dating in New York is weirder than I ever imagined. Men from Manhattan cross into Brooklyn to find cool, arty chicks. Women from Manhattan cross into Brooklyn to find cool, arty guys.


Googlewhacking is a new game where you try to find a pair of ordinary words that appear together on only one web page, as revealed through a Google search. This is a little like trying to find an actor with a Bacon Number of 5.

Your score is the number of hits for each word individually, multiplied together. My contribution: zoroastrian vicuna. My score: 388,600,000.

Blue skies for a change

After a few really crappy days, we had a really nice one today. Blue skies, warm temperatures. Got out for the first time in a few days and worked with my chains. Caesar called and we agreed to go for a ride. We wound up getting off to a late start, and had to keep the ride short to beat the sunset, but we wound up doing a really fun in-town ride on quiet city streets. Fast and hilly. About 18 miles.

Time-shifted rain

Weather last night was very cold for Austin, with freezing rain. This morning, the trees were iced over. As the day warmed up, I started hearing what I thought was rainfall, even though the sky was clear. I realized it was the ice melting off the trees. So in a way, it really was rainfall, it just had to wait until the morning to reach the ground.