Wisdom teeth out

In a ten-minute procedure this morning, I was relieved of my three wisdom teeth and about $1300. The procedure was not painful, but it was unpleasant: I was very anxious through the whole thing, and apparently was ashen by the end of it, as the doctor was concerned about me and wouldn’t let me get up until my color returned. I did this under a local anesthetic, which was supposed to last for about four hours. Right now, about three hours have passed and it’s wearing off (I’ve already taken a happy-pill, but it’s not doing much good yet). One of the extraction sites is still bleeding and that whole side of the mouth hurts, even though it’s also peculiarly numb. Also peculiar is how perfectly the numbness bifurcates my mouth. My bite feels very strange–I wonder if my teeth are re-aligning themselves or if this is an artifact of the swelling and the fact that I had gauze in my mouth for hours.

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  1. Wendy Ohlwiler

    I’ve always been afraid of the dentist, I remember being told to relax every 5 minutes.

    I had one wisdom tooth removed at the age of 26. I had nitris and shots, and tears were rolling down my face the whole time which felt like an hour of wrenching on my jaw. I was afraid he would bust my jaw. It’s taken me 10 years to consider going back to have the other 3 taken out.

    First of all how do you know if they really need to come out? I read on another site that– normally positioned wisdom teeth can be “very valuable additions to a person’s mouth” and should not be removed.

    Secondly I don’t have insurance. My options are $63 for local and gas at a small town clinic. Or driving 4 hours for $700 to get general and recover at my parents house.

    It all seems so horrible, I just want to put it off for another 10 years but I know that would prolong recovery and increase any risks.

    I also read that–Postoperative complications increase with age, Infection, painful sockets and prolonged healing are two to seven times more frequent in patients over 20, a study of 990 patients showed. By age 25 there is a 10 percent risk of damage to facial nerves. As age increases, so does the risk of nerve damage, which may cause numbness in parts of the face, drooling or speech impairments. Five times as many older patients as younger ones in the study suffered nerve damage.

    so….. if you’re sure they’re unhealthy, get them yanked before you’re 20 while you’re on your parents insurance under sedation.

  2. I wrote last on March 29th about having to have my two upper wisdom teeth removed. I had them removed yesterday with IV Sedation and local anesthesia. I was given two pills to take an hour before the procedure–one for nausea and one for nerves. : )
    It was a breeze. I didn’t feel anything or wake up during the procedure. It actually only took the dentist 10 mintues to take out both teeth. I was in and out of the office in 30 minutes. I slept most of the day yesterday and experienced very little pain at all. My insurance didn’t cover the IV sedation so I had to pay $320.00 for that. It was worth it.

  3. Michelle Bogner

    So I just had 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled 5 days ago and I hope I don’t ever have to have the other two done. The whole process was no big deal. I was put under which I highly recomend. It’s the dry socket that occurred two days after. I have never felt such horrible pain. The pain is so sharp and I’ve had to be on Vicatin(sp?) 24/7. Not to mention the dry socket gives you horrible breath. Ladies if your on oral contraceptives your at a higher risk of dry socket. I’ve read it can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to heal. I don’t know how much longer I can stand liquid diet. I wouldn’t wish dry socket on anyone. Imagine being stabbed in the jaw with a big knife. That’s about what it feels like.

  4. I got my 4 wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago. The actual surgery was fine. But the recovery has been tough for me. I’m 27 and was told it’s tougher the older you get. If you’re in your teens or early twenties don’t put this off and do it now.

    The dentist used local and had laughing gas only. The laughing gas did relax me but like someone else on the thread mentioned I didn’t really notice. I kept trying to talk to the oral surgeon and throughout the whole thing kept having to stiffle giggles as I kept thinking of things that made me laugh. I told the oral surgeon the gas didn’t work and then started laughing. I also said Yay after each tooth that came out. :)

    Some teeth were near a nerve and I felt a bit of the pain when they tried to get it out but each time my dentist just gave me another shot of local. The actual surgery was not bad at all.

    The recovery has sucked though. I was given Vicodin and antibiotics.

    The 1st night generally sucks. I suggest taking your pain meds and going to bed. Vicodin did nothing for me that night so I took it with 2 Advil. Just get through the first night and it’s all down hill.

    The 2nd day was spent sleeping and watching tv still on pain meds.

    By the 3rd day the vicodin was giving me headaches which were worse than the pain from the surgery so I stopped taking it.

    I’m on day 5 and still a bit puffy on my right side but feeling a bit more normal and am back at work. The antibiotics they gave me are making me a bit nauseaus. My oral surgeon told me it can take up to 10 days to get full use of your jaw back and I hope once I’m off the antibiotics I’ll start feeling a little better. Still not able to eat solids though.

    Good luck everyone. Don’t be afraid the procedure itself goes by quickly and is pretty painless. Just make sure to give your body plenty of time to recover.

  5. Hi folks. I just found this blog in google. And since I just got 2 of my wisdoms taken out today, I thought I would share my experience with everyone. Well, here’s a life lesson. When you’re told to get your wisdoms out before something happens, you better do what they say. I waited for years, and this past Wed. some food got under my right gum, above my wisdom tooth, and ouchie, that night I woke up at 4 am with a bleeding and swollen gum. I had my extraction scheduled for next week, but I couldn’t take the pain. My gum got pericoronitis. A very painful infection. So, today they sqeezed me in and I got my bottom 2 wisdoms taken out. Unfortunately it was too darn expensive to get all 4 out, or i would have done it. 1,300. is just over my budget. So, now I’m recovering. I’m really sore, and my chin and bottom lip are still numb. The bleeding is slowing down a little. Personally that’s the worst part. I can’t stand the taste of blood. Unless of course its a nice juicy steak. :) So, moral of the story. DON”T PUT IT OFF, or you will end up like me and have to have all this done immediately.

  6. I have had pain on and off for years and saw doctors ….no one told me could be impacted wisdom teeth causing pain and hadn’t had a dental xray for many years because I thought the radiation was unnecessary. I just went to the dentist though and sprung for the xrays and have impacted wisdom teeth. I am 27 and have 2 little children and no dental insurance…..I scheduled my surgery for next week. I wish I had done this when I was young and had my parents to help. It will be rough. I have health insurance…blue cross blue shield hmo blue and am praying that will cover some of the procedure..i do not even know what it will cost though. I can handle pain…just worried about the money. Does anyone know about costs and if health insurance covers anything?

  7. I am having to get my upper right wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow and very nervous. Everyone says I won’t feel a thing but still scared. I’ve had plenty of mouth work done before but that was when i was 16 and 17 and now 29. I’m not too worried about the pain afterwards just nervous about feeling something during the procedure. Wish me luck:-)

  8. Alright, so I’m going in tomorrow morning to have all 4 non-impacted wisdom teeth extracted. I’m a 28 year old male and have been told it will take roughly 3-4 days to recover…right, thats a hangover for me…but whatever. The teeth actually all have come in straight, but decay has started in one and I don’t want to go through multiple drillings in the future. I have had everything plus more done to my mouth over the years so decided to tack on this fun little procedure. This can’t be worse than the root canal I had w/out novocaine…30 minutes of pure unadulterated terror.

    What makes things worse, is that I have the pain tolerance of a 2 year old girl…and a wimpy 2 year old at that, so I have opted for the what seems to be standard nitrous gas and valium IV combo. I’m really not freaked out about the procedure, just hope the post-op pain is kept to a minimum. Anyway, just thought I would set this up so I can post later and let the rest of my fellow cowards know how it all turned out. I will be brutally honest b/c I know many surfing for info are looking for just that.

    Good times ahead….

  9. I just had an impacted wisdom toot pulled this morning. I got novacatine (guess it is a stronger version than what you would normally get). I am terrified of laughing gas and anything else. The shots are not bad, and they numb you up fine! Just don’t look at the suction the nurse has in your mouth, as it is contstantly sucking in blood! Also, keep your eyes averted from their gloves, because they are pretty much covered in blood the whole time as well. It would be nice if they offered head phones of some sort to cover up the cracking noises of the tooth being broken apart. I started some pain about 3 hours after the procedure, but the vicatin prescription works fine for that. Make sure to take your antibiotics, as not to have problems with infection. Also got a shot for swelling in the office today, and start pills for swelling tomorrow. I also had a non impacted above the gum extracted about 5 years ago. That was a piece of cake! My nervousness before that procedure was a total waste of time and energy!

  10. My follow up….

    Not bad at all. Honestly, the procedure was a breeze. If you have insurance/can afford the IV valium and nitrous combo its well worth it…reminded me a bit of college actually. I was awake, and do remember, but trust me…you could care less! At one point I stopped them and asked for more valium b/c I could tell they were having difficulties with my bottom teeth, it didn’t hurt, but I was awake enough to know that I didn’t want to even feel a tug. They complied. I got even more stoned and really don’t remember too much else from that point on, except that I asked for a nitrous doggie bag as I was going under (both laughed at that one). Apparently, I was in the chair for 1 hour (felt like maybe 10 minutes), but only because they had to keep freezing me. Just be up front and tell them you are a chicken when it comes to pain…a good doctor will adapt his procedure for his patients.

    Anyways, its been exactly a week since the operation and I would have to say at the worst stage (one day after surgury), I was under mild to moderate pain. the Oxicoden helped a lot and would be another recommendation of mine (if your doctor will perscribe it). I started eating solid foods 3 days ago and it takes a little longer than usual, but careful chewing avoids any uncomfortableness.

    In conclusion…be brave…b/c I’m not, and everything worked out fine.

  11. I am a young 14 and am having 4 impacted angled wisdom teeth out and have a horrible fear of needles and surgury. i cant even handle shots and dont want to have the surgury but i dont have a choice. im afraid of waking up in the middle , and i dont want to b swallowing blood afterwards. any advice? do they give u the iv or the laughing gas first?

  12. I’m 14 as well, and about a year ago, I had one of my wisdom teeth out. Ally–they’ll give you the laughing gas first. If you’re afraid of needles, it’ll make it easier to handle. And it’s really unlikely you’ll wake up in the middle of the procedure, but if you do, you won’t feel anything and they’ll put you out immediately.

    As for me, I’m having my other three out in two days, and I’m still worried… mostly because I had a horrible reaction to the general anesthesia last time. At the place I go to, they don’t give you a choice, but the surgeon said he’d try an IV of this anti-nausea medicine that’s supposed to help… I’m still unsure. Any words of wisdom?

  13. Hi, I am having 2 teeth removed soon, not wisdom teeth. I am over 50 yrs old and should not be afraid of oral surgery! I cannot afford the knock me out version of this, but I will be having the nitris oxcide. Is this the laughing gas you are all referring to? And with it, do you also get an IV? Or is the IV to be put out?
    Can I ask for MORE Nitris if I am still too aware? I have 2 teeth upper right side that have the roots intertwined, and have to be removed.
    Just wondering how the whole gas thing works!
    Thanks, and good luck to the rest of you!

  14. Alright, so my story is probably the same as everyone elses in this strand, but here goes:
    I’m getting my wisdom teeth out in 2 weeks. All four of them, and I’m not at all syked about it. Your stories are helpful but i still need reassurance. I am currently on birth control for my acne and I’m scared to death of those evil dry sockets. Should I stop taking it? Do you think it would help two weeks in advance? Also, I’m a baby when it comes to nausea. I freak out with just a mild tummy ache. Is it common to get sick?

  15. I’m having my 4 wisdom teeth out in August under General Anes. at the hospital. I’m quite nervous about the whole thing. Two are impacted and two have erupted. My mother said that it won’t hurt that much, but I really don’t trust her. She still has her wisdom teeth! Any good aftercare suggestions?

  16. I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and i fear that i will get some sort of after procedure complication more than anything. If all goes well then u wont hear from me if it is bad i will write my terrifying story to scare everyone

  17. Had two upper and one lower wisdoms out a week ago today. Surgery was no problem, had general anaesthetic. Recovery, however, has been sheer hell. Face swelled up like the elephant man, and oh! the most excruciating pain, relentless, in the lower jaw. Major infection. Plus numbness and tingling in the tongue. Only today, for the first time, have I been able to come off two percocet / vicodin every four hours, and only take two in the morning, loads of advil in the day, and two at night. The swelling went down on the fourth and fifth day after beginning a massive antibiotic course instead of the standard one prescribed when I left the dentist’s office. Now, a week later, I am left with some nasty but manageable residual pain, some tingling and numbness in the tongue and lip, and a very sore jaw which won’t open properly. This sucks for me bcs I’m a singer. Hope it gets better. Plus I have ulceration around the wound sites. The swelling from the infection also made the stitches extremely painful.

    Truly? The upper ones were not a big deal. But I am 32, and the removal of my impacted lower tooth has been awful, awful, awful.

  18. Last night I read through every single one of these posts…I was FREAKING scared of getting 4 wisdom teeth out today. I have never been put under before and my body reacts strangely to some drugs.
    I am 26 and was told 4 years ago that they needed to come out, but it didn’t work out for me at that time. So last Monday, driving home with my boyfriend after an awesome weekend in Chicago, my upper right tooth started to hurt..I expected it to go away, because the wisdom teeth do cause some achiness sometimes, but it just kept getting worse. I haven’t really been able to eat or open my mouth very wide for days…On Thursday my mom was really worried so she called and scheduled an appointment for me, and said she’d throw it on her credit card. Good Mommy.
    So….today I was really scared, after reading stories of waking up in the middle of it, etc etc.
    Turns out…it was nothing. I got general, was under immediately. They were very business like. No count down or anything. The needle in my arm did not hurt at all. I guess the whole procedure took about 20 minutes. My top two were almost all the way out but my bottoms were surfaced and not really sticking up yet. Beforehand the dentist said it would be a partial bony extraction on the bottom and there would be some drilling.
    I woke up in the dentist’s chair with a blankey on me and my mommy by my side. I do not remember anything. She said that when she came in I was crying and pointing at the oxygen tube in my nose, but I don’t remember why I had a problem with it.
    I did cry for awhile (I guess this happens all the time, I genuinely was not upset or anything, just crying for no reason,)but I wasn’t in any pain, and I didn’t feel nauseous at all, haven’t all day in fact. The Dentist was worried ’cause I am allergic to Vicodin and Demerol makes me sick.
    My mom took me home after about 15 minutes, stopped at Walgreens to get prescriptions for Darvecet, Pennicilin, and a mouth wash. I was feeling light headed but not too weird, kinda talkative actually.
    We got home around 2 and my mom made me some tomato soup, which was actually quite delicious. I ate about 1/2 Cup of it in front of a mirror with a spoon. Kinda messy. My lip was numb until around 430. There was lots of bloody gauze, The gauze was really my only source of problems. It was making me hurt, and I took it out at about 4. No pain since. Just general discomfort, a little bit of blood but not much since I ditched the gauze. I haven’t gotten to take any fun drugs that put me to sleep due to my allergies, so I have been awake and fine all day. Eating sucks, I had a milkshake tonight, but it was really just a pain.
    So I survived…I am so relieved, I mean it was so much better and easier than I thought it would by like 100 times. Don’t psyche yourself out…It was different, I guess but I actually feel way better than I did all week suffering through the pain the wisdom teeth caused me. Adios, los teethos malos. (OK its been years since I took spanish.:)
    Hopefully I will still be this happy tomorrow.

  19. Did anyone else get their wisdom teeth pulled, but had no stitching? I’ve had three wisdom teeth pulled, but no stitching. Is that normal?

  20. Alright, today’s the big day. I have 2 hours until i gotta go. I have already stocked up on a liquid diet. I think I’m prepared. I have convinced myself that I will be fine. I’m just trying to keep calm. I have 4 wisdom teeth. The bottom two are going horizontally and the top two are going down. Hopefully it will be a quick procedure, but I’m gonna be out of it so i won’t really notice will i? I’ll let everyone know how it goes later. Wish me luck.

  21. I had my wisdom teeth 4 out of 5 removed yesterday (Friday 7/29/05). I only had novicain and was awake through out the intire procedure. I passed out during the first tooth, I’m prone to passing out. I think what got me was hearing my tooth be pull and tugged at. After the first tooth they let me have a 5 min break and then the Dentist went in for the top left one. That one came out after like 5 mins. I was fine after the five minute break and he novicained the other side of my mouth and finished the job in exacally 2 hours. I have a bunch of stiches in my mouth now. I am happy I didn’t go to sleep, I though It was an experince that I needed to be awake for. Today Im really swollen, I look like a chipmonk. The dentist prescribed two different pain killers but I only found vicoden to work… Vicoden relieves nearly all pain. Im currently starving though, Lots of pudding and tomato soup… I tried Oatmeal, but Didnt like it.

    Good Luck all who are going to get them out and stay brave its not to bad.

  22. Yesterday, I too got 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. I was so nervous going into the oral surgeon’s office, but let me tell you… getting it done is far better than you can imagine it to be. I got put under with the I.V. sedation. I thought that putting the I.V. in would be the worst part, but actually it didn’t hurt at all. The dentist told me he was going to give me something to calm me down. (i think it was because my shoulders were tense) and then he asked me if i was ready. That’s all i remember about the surgery. I do remember saying something about my spongebob band-aid and the nurses making fun of me walking so slow out to the car. I was completely numb from my chin to my tongue. I would have freaked out about this, but reading this chain helped me a lot. I was put on some nice pain killers and haven’t had any nausea (which i was worried about). I had a bunch of gauze in my mouth when i got home to stop the bleeding which was nice. Then i used some tea bags that the dentist gave me to stop the bleeding even more. I used a lot of frozen peas to ice my face. (which i highly recommend because they form to your face) and I slept a lot. This morning I woke up to a swollen face but it’s not too bad. I tried to take a shower but i got really light headed walking around, so i went back to bed. Now, I’m starting to feel the pain, but its definately bareable. My jaw just feels really tight. I have been eating all the mushy stuff, like mashed potatoes, go-gurt (its easy to squirt in your mouth), pudding, breakfast smoothies. just stuff like that. To anyone who is scared as much as i was reading this chain, It’s honestly not that bad. I’m just happy that its all downhill from here. As my dad said, “Life will go on. Its just another thing that you have to get done. and it will only be about a week of discomfort.” Just stay calm and you can definately get through this. Take it from me who cried when my mom scheduled the appointment. GOOD LUCK! i just hope i don’t get dry sockets, since i’m on “the pill”

  23. I just got my wisdom teeth out, yesterday. I guess I’m lucky, though, because I was put under general anesthesia, instead of local. I’ve been told by my mother that I’m really not the best person for sedation – Haha. (Apparently, despite the pain, I was screaming at my grandmother and boyfriend.) The doctor told my family not to ‘coddle me,’ because they needed to wake me up and I wouldn’t remember it anyway (he was right, though). So far, I haven’t experienced any nausea, though I haven’t eaten anything but two bites of banana pudding since the night before the operation. The worst pain is where the gum sites have swollen slightly, so my upper-teeth sort of scrape the lower gums and keep opening up the clot sites. Frozen peas have been useful, though (along with my pain meds). I’m usually pretty strict about oral cleanlines — I have been, ever since I went through braces — so not brushing for a week sounds like it’ll be really uncomfortable (today is the morning of just the second day, and it already tastes gross). Perhaps I’ll try some saline solution or salt water, though, as mentioned above. Good luck to others reading this chain who may be preparing to get their wisdom teeth out. The surgery itself is the easiest part, so long as you don’t let your nerves get to you beforehand. :)

  24. I am having my teeth out this Friday. I am having IV sedation but am worried about remembering what happens and being aware of what is going on. I don’t get any gas or anything, just straight conscious sedation. I am not a huge needle-phobe and have had teeth pulled when I was younger, but for some reason I am freaking out about knowing what is happening. Also, my brother and mom have gotten sick from the anesthetic…and I am worried that I will too. Any advice? Do you think I should get nitrous oxide before to calm me down?

  25. When i had my teeth pulled my mouth bled like crazy that day. A trick is to put a WET tea bag in your mouth in place of gauze and put pressure on ur wound by biting down on it not only do the chemicals in the tea promote blood clotting but you get the taste of rotting flesh out of your mouth and replace it with a tea taste!

  26. Had all four of my wisdoms yanked today. I was supposed to be partially sedated and conscious with general anesthesia but I think they miscalculated because I can’t remember a thing from the procedure. I’m not complaining though. I have been icing my face almost constantly since the procedure. My lower lip is still numb, but I can feel it more and more as the hours pass. I took some vicodin/ibuprofen and following that I was very nautious. This could be from a lack of food as I ate very little today. The nausea went away an hour or so after I ate some Cream Of Chicken soup (I recommend it for the broth is tasty and it has no noodles, just small chunks of chicken that can be swallowed whole). I am going to sleep now with some pillows to prop me up and I have a feeling that if I don’t take more pain killer soon I will start getting sore. Otherwise I have felt no pain so far. The worst has been the numbness of my lower lip, for I find it to be uncomfortable.

  27. OMG what are you talking about? i am 16 years of age and i got y 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday. the doctors put me under which was pretty cool. i dont even remember going zzz… but i have the von wilibran factor so i had to get a shot of DDAVP oh yeah it feels like hot burning liquid in your arm. anyhoo i woke up with this huge ice pack wrapped around my face which was quite unattractive but guess what? I do not care for this ice pack is my best friend now, i would go out in public with this thing. when i woke up i felt pain, as todday is the second day the pain is excrutiating, i dont know what this mild discomfort is my teeth hurt so bad. it feels like my whole lower jaw has been removed and the doctors gave me tylenol 3, codeine and penicillen. but id rather have my teeth removed than a rotted painful mouth dont you agree? as for eating oh man was i hungry, the first night iwas able to eat cream of mushroom and chicken soup which helped sooth my wounds with its warmth. the chunks of food i chewed with my front teeth or swallowed. but to my dismay my parents at pizza for supper! so well i, i cut it up when no one was looking and ate some and turn it to mush them swallowed. i ate some chinese noodles and oatmeal. i am hoping today that i can eat chicken noodle soup because i find the salty soups sooth my cuts. but this is funny, when they gave me oxygen i didnt find the procedure funny i was near crying but i wanted to laugh. and when i was numbed i chewed my lip and poked and pinched my chin and nothing. no pain. but this too shall pass as they say. getting your wisdoms removed is very smart because if not removed they become infected and can cause bodily illness eek! so in about 3 weeks i hope to recover and my cheeks better not stay chipmunk because school is starting. anyone who is getting them out good luck. its not all bad the drugs help but you will feel slight pain still and gauze … ew a pain to remove so much saliva, but remember to getit done it the best. oh AND ICE ICE ICE it helps alot. :)

  28. I got my wisdom teeth out about a week ago. I was so nervous, specially cause i hate needles in my mouth. The novacain or however it’s spelt, killed. 10 shots in all, 1 hige needle per shot and the two that were in the roof of my mouth, i cried. I also bit the dentist but whatever. The rest of the proceedure, which took about an hour, was fine. I had my ipod on the whole time until the nurse accidently pulled it out of my ear and put the drill right next to me so i could hear it but i was spinning thanks to the laughing gas so it didn’t faze me. Afterwards i tried smiling at this really cute guy in the office but then realized, hey silly you can’t smile you can’t really move your mouth at all! The pain wasn’t that bad, i fed myself an hour after i got home unlike all my friends who were drooling and being spoon fed for a week. My only problem now is i think i tried to pull the stiches out by accident and there’s a hole in the side of my mouth now, i don’t think that’s right…

  29. Candice (age 23)

    Well I am glad to hear of your successes with getting your teeth pulled, however, mine was not so good. I had to drive myself home so I could not use the gas or the general so I got 15 shots of novacaine for my 4 teeth. The surgery went OK, just kind of gross sounds and a little pain. However, while waiting in line at the pharmacy, I felt hot and thought I was going to throw up. I made my way towards the bathroom but passed out cold before I got there. Ended up with a cut on the back of my head. When I came to there were people everywhere and then after getting into a room I started throwing up and that was the worst pain ever. I could not open my jaw wide enough. Also, all my stitches ripped out and needed to be replaced. When I finally made it home I took a nap and woke up to the same feeling and I passed out again and started throwing up again. I don’t recommend going through this alone. GET HELP! Get someone to stay with you cuz it stinks to take care of yourself. My husband is a Marine and at war and my parents live far away so I was kind of stuck. Anyways, my advice, get help, and don’t drive yourself.

  30. im 16 i just had 4 wisdom teeth out two days ago. i am swollen beyond belief! the pain isnt too horrible i just wish i dont look like a fat chipmunk when school starts in 3 days!

  31. I just had my wisdom teeth out and it was the worst experience ever!!!! They did not give me anything but novicaine and it was awful…i got them out at 3:30 almost passed out after it was done, it is now 5:00 and they are starting to throb…..the worst part is hearing the roots rip out of your head while the dentist tries not to lose his grip. I have had a fair amount of regular teeth pulled and it was nothing compared to this…i have one more to go and I WILL be put to sleep…it was the worst dental experience i have ever had…and i have had braces twice, numerous teeth pulled and a device that cracks your pallet. I would not do it with just novicaine but from reading the other stuff people wrote it all depends i guess…..oh and my dentist didn’t even give me anything good for drugs….

  32. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday. I can now say that it was the worst experience of my life. Everything hurts from the anestisia to the actual removal. I’ve eaten nothing but yogurt in the past 48 hours. All i can do is sleep to avoid the pain. My cheeks are huge that I can’t even leave my house. oh and my throut hurts so bad that i can’t eat anything solid.

  33. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out 6 months ago. My chin and lip are STILL NUMB. The doctor did not put me under when I got this procedure done. I told him to stop when he was cracking my tooth because it hurt. He didn’t and he jammed another needle in my mouth and that is the side I am still numb on. When I went back a few days later he told me that this could possibly happen. He said “we went over it in our consoltation”. But….it must have been in the papers because I don’t remember hearing about it.

  34. Well, I’m 16 and got all 4 taken out today. My advice, get general anesthesia. You go in, they put nitrous oxide on for about 3 minutes, and the surgeon or nurse will stick a needle in your hand, which you hardly feel because of the nitrous oxide. By the time they do it, you could care less what they’re doing to you. Your whole body goes numb for about a minute, then your out. I dont remember anything until about halfway home. Its alot better than being awake and hearing and feeling the tugging, pulling, and snapping during the procedure. And believe me, I HATE HATE HATE being put under. I put this off and put this off cuz i didn’t want to be put under. I recommend general anesthesia definitely.

  35. Avoid this operation if you can. I am very biased because my expierence has been very negative. I went in and got an iv in my arm and a gas mask and I was out in 30 sec. I woke up about 20 minutes later balling my eyes out, pointing to a side of my mouth. Turns out that the root of my top right wisdom tooth was joined with the molar next to it. So they had to remove the molar as well. Also, my wisdom teeth were all impacted. So they had to cut my gums and remove the two bottom and the top right as well as that molar. The doctor didn’t want to extract the top left in fear that it would also be connected to the molar next to it. I’m on day 5 and I am in pain, still swolan, can open my mouth about a cm, havnt ate anything harder than mashed potatoes. Today is tue, and on Fri I am supposed to be leaving for SC to visit three of my favorite colleges that I am applying to. Also, yesterday my grandmother died. In addition, water from an ice pack leaked into my cell phone while I was sleeping and my phone is completely ruined. I am in Hell. I Want to eat so bad. All those people who said that their pain lasted 1-2 days- I hate you. No, not really but I really envy you. I am in COMPLETE HELL.

  36. Hey,

    I just got all 4 wisdom teeth removed exactly only week ago. The bottom two were impacted and the top two were just pulled. I just went this morning for my check up because I am still having some pain in my lower jaw area. They refilled my Norcos (vicodin) for me so it should be alright soon he said. He also said the bottom ones would take longer to heal becasue they were impacted. I was completely knocked out and my dad said before we left I was looking for two dollars in my purse to till the doctor!! haha! I have no recolection of that whatsoever. I didn’t even remember anything until I woke up and we were getting off the exit…almost home. I just slept for most of the rest of the day and that seemed to help a lot. Just rest and be sure to take the meds cause they help.

    Good luck to anyone having this procedure done…and my advise…get put to sleep for sure!

  37. just take the pain pills and everything will be fine…get this refilled if you are still in pain. It’s been a week for me and I still need meds. mine were impacted and they take the longest to heal. I have had 4 surgeries in my 23 years os life and this one was the least painfull. It just sucks cause you can’t eat.

  38. Hi, about 2 years ago i was 13 and i had my 4 wisodm teeth extracted and then i had 3 other teeth extracted, i also had a tooth growing in behind in one of my front teeth and was supposed to be three teeth over so they had to cut my palate off and put a gold chain on my tooth and then they sewed my palate back up. The surgery lasted about 15 minutes i was put asleep.

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