Team America: World Police

America, Fuck yeah!

The chorus from the movie’s most memorable song pretty much says it all, encapsulating the movie’s love-it-and-hate-it attitude towards the USA. The movie manages to be political without being partisan, insightful without being dull, and completely fucking hilarious. Go see it now.

3 thoughts on “Team America: World Police”

  1. Saw it on Fri. evening and on Monday I kept looking furtively around my cube row, afraid I’d burst out into song – “Out to save the motherfuckin’ day!” – without knowing it.

  2. Being a fan of Matt & Trey, I went to see this.

    It’s f*ckin hilarious no doubt about that. (Especially the puppet sex scene)


    I think it’s main message of “We need this ‘police force'” was without grounds. It was more to do with the Afghanistan issue rather than the more recent issue/problem of Iraq.

    I’ve also seen this ‘support of American interference in the world’ in the South Park episode where the kids got the goat from Afghani kids. (Which was hilarious too).

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