How I use Movable Type

Since Mena asked so nicely, here’s my setup.

My MT database has seven blogs in it:

  1. This blog–this and the next two would probably count as a single blog under Six Apart’s current licensing;
  2. My “hit and run” blog;
  3. My “longer articles” blog;
  4. Instructions for making firedancing equipment. This isn’t very bloggy, but it was more convenient to do this in MT than all by hand;
  5. The Honyaku Home Page. This has five authors (though only two others, aside from me, are really active). Also not very bloggy, but MT is a good enough CMS for the purpose;
  6. Jenny’s personal blog;
  7. A test blog.

I’ve thrown up a few other demo blogs here and there under this install, but those have all been temporary.