Firenight: Bean burns

So, another Tuesday, another Firenight. Bean had her first burn. It’s always fun to be around someone having their first burn because they’re always so jazzed, so alive afterwards, it’s a little like catching a contact high.

Firenight and puppies

Last night was firenight, as usual. Again, a lot of newcomers. It was fun. I got pictures. I brought out an experimental set of finger wands, which newcomer Diedre and Mel both tried out.Someone had abandoned puppies on the tracks behind Cafe Mundi (this kind of thing makes me really angry). They were really cute, even as puppies go, but had a puppy-like tendency to get underfoot, which is especially bad when playing with toxic fuels and fire. Anyhow, I think they found homes by the end of the evening.

Reverse 5-beat weave

Got the reverse 5-beat weave today. Finally! This is one of those poi moves that just didn’t click for me until Jeff made the crucial observation “the chains follow your hands.”Now I’ve got it. I can’t quite do it without thinking about it yet, but I’ve got it pretty smooth.

Last night was firenight, as

Last night was firenight, as is every Tuesday, pretty much. I did two sets. Or was it three? I don’t remember. Tried out a new move, the “layback corkscrew,” for the first time with fire. That’ll take more practice.

I didn’t feel “on” for any of my sets. Admittedly, it’s pretty rare that I do feel on–maybe one out of ten. But I always feel odd after I complete a set where things just don’t quite come together and I get congratulated for it.