Flipside camp/project concepts

At Flipside, we sat around shooting the breeze and coming up with interesting projects for Flipside that someone else should do.

1. Yellow-bike project at Flipside. Flat Creek is big enough that bikes are a good idea.

2. Bike taxi service. In the same vein.

3. We riffed at some length on something that would be a combination scavenger hunt/test of skills. Perhaps frisbee golf, or perhaps a different test of skills at each stop. You’d collect pieces to a puzzle at each stop, and at the end, you’d have all the pieces and do Something Wonderful with them. It would be especially interesting if you could work it out so that the stops could be completed in any order, and each order would yield a different but valid outcome–for example, if the final outcome is a word, each stop would yield a letter, and every possible anagram of that word (resulting from completing the stops in different sequences) would be another valid word.

1 thought on “Flipside camp/project concepts”

  1. First- Thank you so much for letting me camp with Circle of Fire. You were a gracious host and I wish I could have been more help :)

    The movie I was thinking of when you mentioned #3 is called Midnight Madness: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081159 caveat: I haven’t seen it since I was probably 8 or 9 so I can’t recommend it in good conscience.

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