Stopping for dinner in Sisters

Will probably push on to Redmond

3 thoughts on “Stopping for dinner in Sisters”

  1. I just checked the tracking, and WOW you’ll break my long distance record probably tomorrow, in much harder terrain, in less than half the time it took me to do it. Adam your performance is already blowing my mind.


    If you pass a CVS, pick up 4% lidocaine or Vagisil for numbing relief of your underside. How’s the Achilles? Saddle set too high can cause excessive ankling, straining Achilles, just something to keep in mind if body does not adapt. Rock on!

  3. Way ahead of you on the lidocaine. The Achilles’ tendons are swollen and painful. I didn’t think my saddle was too high, but I could try lowering it a smidge.

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